Refund Policy

After successful payment, the client should receive detailed instructions on how to get the purchased program.
The client may return his money in some of the following cases:
  • - Duplicate orders: if the client paid for two identical programs, instead of two different ones.
  • - If the software does not comply with the technical description that is indicated on our website.
  • - Undelivered service: the client paid, but did not receive the service within 24 hours. (The client must check the email that was indicated when paying).
When a refund is not provided:
  • - If you have purchased and received a work service, but decided that you do not need it.
  • - The simultaneous purchase of several different products, when the user receives several products, use them, choose the one that best fits their needs, and then trying to get a refund for all products that do not fit him.
  • - The service was not delivered due to incorrect email: please note that we are not responsible for the inability to receive the product if the customer does not provide the correct email address
What does the user need to do to make a refund?
Please contact us ( and tell us your email address that you used when paying, the date and amount of the purchase, the name of the product. Our support team will help you resolve your issue.