Before viewing this site and purchasing our services, carefully read this user agreement. If you do not agree with the provisions of this agreement - please do not use our services.
Terms used in this agreement:

Site - the site of the company Statum pro s.r.o., which is located at:

The seller is Statum pro s.r.o.

Buyer - a natural or legal person who purchases services from the Seller’s website.

Service - software distributed under the GNU license, which is updated and optimized by the technical specialists of the Seller.

The cost of the service - payment for the modification, performance check, assistance in installing and configuring the service.

Start using the service

The buyer, after accepting the user agreement and successful payment, receives an e-mail which the Buyer entered during the payment. This letter contains information about the payment made (receipt), as well as instructions necessary to start using the service and a link whereby the Buyer can download the Service.

Rights and obligations of the parties

Buyer shall:

- When placing an order, enter the truthful, real-life data necessary for the quality and full fulfillment of obligations by the Seller.

- Make a payment according to the cost of the selected service.

- Use the purchased service for own needs and do not use any direct or indirect harm to third parties, including the Seller, by using the service.

- Before paying for the Service, carefully review the information about the Service and make sure that the selected Service fully complies with the requirements of the Buyer.

  • Contact the Seller for advice and assistance for setting up and installing the purchased Service on the specified contact information of the Seller.


The buyer has the right to:

- After successful payment, receive the full service from the Seller.

- In the case of service downtime, receive from the Seller a workable version of the service.

- Get advice and assistance in setting up and installing the Service.


The seller must:

- After receiving a notification from the payment system about the successful payment of the Service, send all the necessary data to the Buyer that relates to the purchased Service.

  • To provide advice and assistance in setting up and installing the Service to the Buyer.

The seller has the right to:

  • Refuse the Buyer to use the Service (provision of the Service) if the Seller sees fraudulent actions or actions in the Buyer's actions that may harm or harm the Seller or third parties.
Other provisions:

The user is solely responsible for using the service after purchasing it on the Seller’s Website.

The user agrees that his actions will under no circumstances threaten the reputation of the Seller’s Site.

The Seller has the right to post marketing messages on his website or send the Purchaser by email informing the Buyer about the new services of the Seller.

The seller also has the right to use various marketing activities aimed at attracting customers, such as, but not limited to placing banners, placing information about their services on other sites, providing various bonuses to their customers, and so on.

The seller has the right to add, change or delete any of the offered services on his Site.

Storage of personal data

Detailed information on the storage and use of personal data of the Buyer is (here)

Final provisions

Communication between the Buyer and the Seller is carried out by e-mail, via Skype, telephone and in the interactive form for sending messages from the Seller’s website.

The seller has the right to change the terms of this user agreement at any time. The current version of the user agreement is located at: